Vernal was a great success.  It started out, however, on Thursday very threatening and looking like rain.  It had rained early in the day and on my trip to Vernal I encountered some snow showers.  Day one competition dawned looking cool, but no storm.  By the afternoon, however, high winds made for some interesting attire as everyone was trying to shield themselves from being sandblasted!!!


Competitors gather prior to the start to discuss the obstacles and plan their strategies

Jackets were in evidence as the cool morning greeted us

Matt Peterson had a great outing in St George and was back to challenge the rocks. Intersting rig with the driver position way forward.

Paul Curoe rushes to Matt Peterson's aid as the rig rolls and begins to 'bleed'. Everyone was fine and they were able to continue. Rockware Team.

Jon Bundrant, the reigning champion was not able to attend so Larry "FullPull" McRae (spotter) took over the #80 rig. Great top 5 finish with Kelly Lee spotting.

Banners and UROC monoliths were evident all the way from the highway. Nice!!

Bart Jacobs and Troy Gregory were hitting the rocks with their FTM rig. Later on a roll sent Troy into the rocks with his helmet saving him! Stiff and sore but back into it!!

Becca Webster, Red Bull RockHer, was down on horsepower with the new rig in St George but out for a win at Vernal!

The new rig looks great on the rocks! Here on obstacle B4 she starts the vertical that claimed many competitors, including many Super Mod's!!

Becca in the vertical. Here is where the rig, driver and spotter must do everything just right........

AND they make the top. Becca Webster is learning a lot and loving the new crawler!! Dustin "Pan" Webster was so fun to watch as he really gets into her competing!

Chris Durham (Pickens SC) and Tim Donaldson (Riverside, CA) make one heck of a team. Chris was the first ARCA champion in 2000 and is looking good in the new rig!

Craig Stumph and the COMMANDO from Delta, UT. I still remember the hard crash the original Commando had two years ago. Nice to see them back!!

Dustin "Pan" Webster had a good weekend but also liked putting on a show! Here he is in a 'wedgie' but got out okay. The RED BULL ROCKIT

Nick Sessions was having a good weekend with a new rig that has people turning their heads.

Shannon Campbell showed up with another completely new rig. Looking at this angle you can see the radical concept of chassis offset. Still runs that LS-1 Corvette power though!

Matt and Garrett Sisson ( were sizing up the rocks preparing to enter A4. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming sweepstakes!!!

Casanueva behind the wheel of SpiderTrax. This Suzuki powered rig always looks good.

Terry "The Tiger" Howe. His new lightweight rig is a good worker but we sure miss the old 'Willys'. Says it is gone.... had to fund the new crawler.