UROC St George Day Two, Page two

Here are the second page of photos of day number two.  More breakage and rollovers were evident as were several competitors that didn't make it back for the second day.  Competition began early at 7am because of the results from day one.  Even with the early start we were right up against darkness getting this event complete.

These pictures have been made "web ready" by reducing the file sizes.  If you would like the original 1280x1024 pictures, just email me and I will send them.  If you want a complete series of your favorite driver I can burn a CD for you for a nominal charge.  Special thanks goes to Troy Turner (Outlaw Photography) for the coverage this weekend.


Matt Peterson with a new rig out of ROCKWARE with Paul Curoe back to spot for 2004

Michelle and Bill Billington were a DYNAMIC DUO this weekend

Michelle on her way UP

The Midway was a Hoppin' place. Lots of vendors and plenty of visibility of the action!

Mitch Gutherie running his new lightweight rig. The term for these new rigs; "Moon Buggies"

Mitch trying to get up a hard spot in his new rig

The obstacles were so close to each other sometimes competitors would just wave as they passed. Mitch Gutherie and Jason Paule here

Early morning sunlight reflecting off a Modified class competitor

Neil Lillard from Denver CO teamed up with Don Robbins for the first event. If they get serious they could be tough!

One small step for man..... one giant OMIGOSH

The side of the rig says ROCKCRUSHER but I think the rocks were winning this weekend.....

Big Sarge talking things over with Chris Durham.

Sarge hanging out in the TOYO TIRE display.....

Shannon Campbell getting caught in the wedge of THE ROCK

Shannon takes another shot at it. But the right front axle breaks and he still almost makes it with 3 wheel drive!!!

Shannon still musters a smile because he is doing what he loves........ ROCKCRAWLING

Ken Shupe "SHUPEE" from Travelers Rest, SC in a new rig for 04

Team Sisson watching the cone very closely, not wanting the penalty points from touching it.

Team Sisson, Matt and Garrett from Farmington NM. WHAT A TEAM!!!

Tracy's Diamond taking Team Sisson for a ride!!! Be sure to check out their website from the link on the homepage!

Okay, If I just throttle up and smoke 'em I can make it.....

But then I didn't think about doing a balancing act! Perfect balance and not moving while help arrives......

"THE ROCK" was the 'hands down' winner against the competitors at St George..........

"THE ROCK" wins another one. Tossing competitors off like nothin'.........

Walker Evans in for a white knuckle ride. Ted LeBaron spotting for Walker again in 04

Sunset at St George as the competitors are beat, bruised, tired and looking forward to the next one!!! SEE YOU IN VERNAL!!!!!!!