A Decade.  Have you ever contemplated that amount of time?  10 full years.  I have been thinking a lot about it this year as Rocky Mountain Raceways has celebrated our 10th year of racing.  Being one who was given the opportunity to participate at the outset 10 years ago it is hard to believe that much time has passed.


Personal factors which require so much of my time has made it necessary to step down as a weekly Track Announcer after this year.  While I did comment on this fact throughout this season it is all too soon now at an end.  I feel compelled to let each of the racers and fans know how much these 10 years has meant to me.


First is the management of RMR.  Each one of them is now a member of my family.  Whether they want this or not, they are adopted!!  I have grown to love and appreciate what they have done for me and for the racing community.  Next is the great staff which works so hard to make the best show possible every week.  Having been behind the scenes I can assure you that they work incredibly hard. And the Fans.  They are without a doubt the greatest fans anywhere.


Saturday evening was my ‘farewell’ to the Nascar Dodge Weekly Series oval track.  I particularly wanted to send a sincere thank you to RMR, The Racers and Fans for such an awesome night.  It all started with a fantastic welcome in the pits and finished with an outpouring of love and respect from RMR and the racers as they came onto the track to give me a final farewell.  I will never ever forget that awesome evening and the friends that I have made for life.  Doug, thank you for the beautiful plaque and the autographed checkered flag that will reside squarely in the center of my “Wall of Fame” in my office.  Right along side the autographed photos of my racing friends. They are now cherished possessions of mine! I also must thank my great friend Rick Shane.  For 10 years we have announced side by side and he has also become part of my family.  To Christy Jo; thanks for being so enthusiastic and for also becoming one of the family.  I know you are going to be a great announcer at RMR.


Now, as hard as it is going to be for me, I look forward to this coming Saturday and my opportunity to say farewell to all my friends on the NHRA Drag Strip.  Ron Craft has been such a great friend for so long that I know him like many do their own brother. For the first 8 years at RMR I was there announcing the Friday evening Summit ET and Street Legal series events as well as the ‘Majors’.  The past 2 years has brought 2 new members into my family; Mike and Bobby Eames.  Thank you my friends for the awesome job you do there.  It is going to be very hard for me to say goodbye to the microphone Saturday.  I will share all of my thoughts in person with all of you then but know that I cherish each and every one of you. Too many names to list here but I will look forward to personally thanking each of you then; RMR staff, Racers and awesome Fans!


And now in the words of Bob Hope;



Dave Turner, “The Professor”