Photo Gallery Page Two

Here is Page Two of the RCAA Championship Finals from Farmington, New Mexico 2003.  Enjoy!!


Becca Webster

Becca is one tough competitor! Wheeling the Red Bull Rockit with hubby Dustin, she was doing great until breaking the rig. It was seen departing in pieces on the trailer but Becca was still smiling! She had been RockCrawling and that always makes her smile!


This rig is a tough act! They break parts, they weld them up, they break some more and weld some more and just keep on getting to the winners circle!

Smile, You're on Candid Camera!

Ever wonder who is on the other side of the lense on all those great Skyjacker Videos. Here he is, KENT!!

Skyjacker Rules!

The Project rig "Full Throttle" has been seen on trails all over the country and most recently competing in the "Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rockcrawling Nationals!

Lonnie negotiating and tight uphill

The Skyjacker team had a great weekend up to the final obastacle. Then disaster!

Lonnie and Dillard and "Full Throttle"

Uphill? No Problem!

It was a Skyjacker Kinda Day!

Rock Ready Skyjacker!

What was the name of that Sponsor again?

RJ, Joe and FUEL!!


FUEL 'n FIRE 'n Hardware!